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Why Top Dog Hypnosis: Our mission is simple, we want you to have your best night's sleep so you can be healthy, happy, and successful every day of your life. We strive to be the best so you can be your best. We concentrate on insomnia rather than all areas of hypnotherapy so we can be the best.

"I love being a hypnotherapist. I have seen so many wonderful outcomes and positive changes working with my clients. It brings me great joy to see clients reach their full potential and accomplish their goals.



Fraser Hood is a Certified Hypnotherapist Consultant, whose purpose is aiding people to reach their highest potential. He uses a powerful combination of proven therapeutic hypnosis and honest coaching techniques to assist his clients in accomplishing their goals.

Fraser graduated at the top of his class from one of Canada's top hypnotherapy schools then worked and trained with some of the top hypnotists in the world. With over 15 years of experience, Fraser still continues his education in hypnosis and over the years has become certified in sports hypnotherapy and was the sports mental coach for Suffer System Fight Team. He also has become educated in Past Life and Forensic Hypnotherapy. Fraser was asked by celebrity psychic profiler Robbie Thomas to appear on the upcoming TV show Robbie Thomas: Physic Profiler

In addition to his credentials in the field of hypnotherapy, Fraser has traveled the world performing hypnosis and magic shows for over 15 years. After hypnotizing thousands of people Fraser has honed his skills in insomnia, sleeping issues and dreams.